2016-02-27 13:33:21 by T7ven

I apologize to my one fan, or maybe several viewers, because I haven't been uploading like I used to. I mean, I haven't posted a track in months. The reason is because I've realized how much I need to improve. Shitty mixing and mastering, overlapping frequencies, repetition, so many things I need to work on. But I'm starting to become depressed, because I just can't find the places to learn how, and when it comes to most things I do understand, I just can't nail what I need to with them. I sometimes get the feeling that I have no musical talent whatsoever and I can't even get the basics down. But I love music. I'm the kind of person that sees something amazing made by some person, and wants to create something like it. Art, animations, stories, and obviously music. I don't want to let music go. I can't let music go. I'm not gonna sit on my lazy ass and whine about not wanting to put effort into this. I'm gonna to what I can to push the boundaries of my musical skill and better myself at every single platform. I don't care how fucking long it takes, how much I'll have to seclude myself from society, or what I'll lose. I'M GOING TO BECOME A POKÉMON MASTER!!!

More is Coming

2015-11-15 11:22:30 by T7ven


Can't upload tracks.

2015-09-27 10:05:53 by T7ven

Some of the tracks I created were remixes for a competition on Indaba Music. There were rules for the competition, but I decided not to read it because I figured it had the rules of a regular rules and regulations list. I should've read then, because alot of the rules regarded copyright. The holders of the competition now have the rights to all of my work related to the competitions on the site, so they won't be on Newgrounds. Luckily, it shows any and all of my submissions on my profile page at the site. Click here to go to it.

New Tracks Coming Soon

2015-09-26 19:38:03 by T7ven

Hey guys, I apologize for the inactivity, I'm working on multiple tracks and trying to up my game. Expect new tracks soon.


2015-07-31 12:00:23 by T7ven

The Cosmos EP is out! go check it out on my SoundCloud here.


Ever since I was a child (which I still am,) I loved space. I just can't explain the feeling I get when looking into deep space. If our progress steadily, we will be able to reach the nearest star (that isn't the sun.) Unfortunately, the human body can only last for around 75 years. But the possibility of us discovering immortality before I die isn't that low. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.