Entry #1


2015-07-31 12:00:23 by T7ven

The Cosmos EP is out! go check it out on my SoundCloud here.


Ever since I was a child (which I still am,) I loved space. I just can't explain the feeling I get when looking into deep space. If our progress steadily, we will be able to reach the nearest star (that isn't the sun.) Unfortunately, the human body can only last for around 75 years. But the possibility of us discovering immortality before I die isn't that low. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 


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2015-08-16 07:26:27

Keep em crossed dude the smartest guy I know believes we will be able to put our brains into robots in no time and travel deep space useing energy from sunlight. I like your ep at first I didn't like the build up/pre climax but on the second time round I got more of a feel for the tune. Made me feel warm, happy and hope. Good jab!

T7ven responds: