Entry #5


2016-02-27 13:33:21 by T7ven

I apologize to my one fan, or maybe several viewers, because I haven't been uploading like I used to. I mean, I haven't posted a track in months. The reason is because I've realized how much I need to improve. Shitty mixing and mastering, overlapping frequencies, repetition, so many things I need to work on. But I'm starting to become depressed, because I just can't find the places to learn how, and when it comes to most things I do understand, I just can't nail what I need to with them. I sometimes get the feeling that I have no musical talent whatsoever and I can't even get the basics down. But I love music. I'm the kind of person that sees something amazing made by some person, and wants to create something like it. Art, animations, stories, and obviously music. I don't want to let music go. I can't let music go. I'm not gonna sit on my lazy ass and whine about not wanting to put effort into this. I'm gonna to what I can to push the boundaries of my musical skill and better myself at every single platform. I don't care how fucking long it takes, how much I'll have to seclude myself from society, or what I'll lose. I'M GOING TO BECOME A POKÉMON MASTER!!!


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